What is Identity Plus?

Born of the realization that organizations need a truly innovative and deep all-in-one
Identity and Access Management solution that is hosted in the Public Cloud, Identity Plus is the world’s first complete IAM suite that offers wide and deep Access Management, User Lifecycle Management(ULM) and Access Governance(AG.)

The dilemma of organizations today is in choosing between two kinds of IAM solutions, neither which really work. Traditional solutions from IBM, Oracle, CA Sailpoint etc. are not hosted on the Public Cloud, have implementation timelines that stretch into years and cost an arm and a leg. IAM-in-the-cloud solutions today claim to be full suites but fall very short – specializing in either Access Management or Governance – never both- they simply add what they lack as a minimalistic and uninspired component.

A glaring shortcoming of these solutions is that they are built for a distant future in which only web apps are used – they don’t support thick-client (desktop) apps such as SAP which are used in many environments (and will be used for years to come).

Everything that an organization needs from an Identity and Access Management solution is present in our groundbreaking product called Identity Plus. It also features patented SSO and Provisioning to thick-client apps so that none of your apps are left out of the loop. Think of it as the ‘best-of-both-worlds’ where you can combine the depth and power of traditional solutions with the simplicity and agility of modern IDaaS.
In fact, Identity Plus goes miles further.

Our Offerings

Key Features

See the features that form the basis of our solutions

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SSO and password Management

One Click access to all
your Applications

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Lifecycle Management

Automate the User Lifecycle, across the staff turnover period

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Access Governance

Control, Govern and Grant access to your Applications

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