Access Governance

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. To protect it from unauthorized access you must secure it with an Access Governance solution. Identity Plus’s Access Governance feature is agile and powerful. It develops ‘Who Has Access to What’ reports, among other things, and lets you know which person has accessed an app and when. Such measures are necessary for statutory and regulatory compliances, auditing, and for creating accountability.

Orphan Account Management

Most organizations have accesses granted to an ex-employee that is yet to be removed from the applications. Such accounts are a security risk and a cost to the organization. Identity Plus detects orphan accounts across business apps and allows the admin to delete the account or assign it to a current user within the organization.

Access Recertification of Accounts and Entitlement

Identity Plus enables customers to automate the review of all or set of users’ accesses to various target systems. Identity Plus collects fine-grained access (entitlement data) of each user from these target systems and generate review tasks that consists of each user along with his/her access details. These review tasks are sent to the appropriate reviewers as access reviews.

Multi-level access review campaign

Identity Plus allows admins to configure multi-level review campaign such that multiple authorities can review the accesses before it is certified. It also allows to easily configure the kind of accesses that need to be reviewed by each level of reviewer.

Scheduled Access Recertifications Campaigns

Identity Plus allows admins to configure periodic review campaigns based on the criticality of the apps so it is triggered automatically at regular intervals.

Auto-fulfilment of recertification

Once the review campaign is completed, Identity Plus can provide a summary of accesses that need to be revoked or it can automatically remove the access for accesses that have been certified to be removed.

Who has access to what reports

Identity plus allows admins to get a real-time view of user access across business apps and entitlements. This allows them to take appropriate action if anything unusual is found.