Identity Plus

Identity Plus features are wide and deep. Sign-on and provision thick-client apps and create different roles with the same functional title – within an organization across different departments with different admins- using our groundbreaking nested-multi-tenancy feature. Eliminate the need for any VPN and integrate with all kinds of HRM systems including non-traditional and homegrown ones.

Public Cloud Multi-Tenanting

Identity Plus is a scalable and multi-tenanted platform that is hosted in the Public Cloud.

Delegated Authentication to Enterprise Directory

Experience integration with Enterprise Directories in addition to authentication against our Identity Store

Integration with On-Premise Environments without Site-to-Site VPNs

Integrate with On-Premise applications and enterprise directories without the need for a site-to-site VPN.

Integration with Enterprise Directory, HRMS and CSV

Experience integration with various Systems of Truth (SoT) such as CSV files, Enterprise Directories, and HRMS Directories.

Identity Store

Experience our identity store that acts as the central directory for all users and roles created within the solution or within some other source.

Rule Based Role Assignments

Dynamically assign users to different roles. Create roles based on various user attributes.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Authenticate via a variety of MFA options.

Dashboard and Reporting

View common events via our intuitive dashboard.