Lifecycle Management

Onboarding new users into a central repository and giving them access to apps that they require as part of their work is a challenge. Users must first be registered in an organization’s Active Directory before they can be pulled into the Identity Store (if there is one included in the solution) in other solutions. Identity Plus’s User Lifecycle Management feature can onboard users into its Identity Store (included in subscription) from any HRM system including homegrown ones as well as from CSV files. It also integrates with any other enterprise directory – Microsoft AD aside.

Orphan accounts are another issue. An account that remains functional after its user has left the organization presents a critical security risk for. It is easier to compromise, and if compromised, data can be stolen for a long while before anyone realizes what’s going on. Our User Lifecycle Management feature solves this issue by automatically terminating accounts when its user leaves the organization.

Like Nothing You've Seen Before

Rule based Role assignments

Create rules based on different user attributes and scenarios so that users may automatically be assigned to specific roles when added to Identity Plus or when any of the existing users’ attributes are changed.

Birth-right Provisioning

Identity plus enables the necessary accesses to different systems and applications to be automatically granted to new users based on preconfigured rules.

Transfers and Promotions

Identity plus automatically adjusts user access across business apps and entitlements based on promotions and transfers. This includes both providing access to set of accesses and removing the older accesses are required.

Suspension and Restoration

Identity Plus automatically suspends or deletes users who are marked as Suspended in the integrated SoT – CSV, Enterprise Directory or HRMS.


When someone leaves an organization, Identity plus automatically revokes their accesses across all business apps. This enforces Statutory and Regulatory compliance and ensure that user licenses are utilized appropriately.

Access Requests – Accounts and Entitlements

In addition to accesses granted by role of a user, Identity Plus also allows users to request access to any onboarded app or request for additional entitlements within an app. It also allows users to request for the termination of any existing entitlement or access to an app.

Password Sync

Time Bound Access

Many users need access to an application only for a specific project and for a limited time. Identity Plus allows user to request access for short duration ensures that a provisioned account or entitlement will be revoked once a specified period is complete. It also allows users to request for an extension of access.

Other Features

Multi-level approval workflow

Identity Plus allows admins to configure multi-level approval workflows for access requests such that multiple authorities can review the request before access is granted. Admins can choose a user’s manager or any other role as the approving authority at each level of the workflow. Upon approval, access is provisioned automatically.

Manager Initiated Access Request

Identity plus allows managers to request access or request the termination of an application or entitlement on behalf of its direct reports. These requests also follow a pre-configured multilevel approval workflow before the request is fulfilled.