Single Sign-On and

Password Management

Increasing organizational productivity while improving security is what Access Management is all about. Single Sign-On increases productivity by minimizing the time required by employees to sign in to all their business apps and improves security by forcing a single, strong password that eliminates the need to jot down multiple passwords on phones or paper.

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Federated SSO

SSO to federated protocols such as SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth etc.

Credential Based SSO

Integrate with apps that are not federated on a credentials basis.

SSO to Thick Client Applications

SSO to apps such as SAP ECC, Outlook, VPN, Putty, etc.


Sign-on to apps is tedious and time-consuming.

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Our SSO and auto-launch feature transforms this into a lightning-quick and pain-free experience.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Identity Plus supports Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). IWA authenticates users against their Windows credentials granting seamless access to the solution through the initial logon to Windows.

Enterprise Portal Integration

Integrate easily with your enterprise portal. Improve the adoption of your intranet portal as well as of our SSO solution.

Browser Preference for SSO

Associate your preferred browser with any app for SSO permanently.


Self- Service Password Change

Change an enterprise-app’s password via the solution if authentication is delegated to an Enterprise Directory. In this way, employees can change their own passwords.

Other Features

Password Synchronization

We are the only IDaaS provider around that can password-syncs with any enterprise solution (SAP, Oracle Financial, Skype, mainframe apps, etc.)

Self-Service Password Reset and Account Unlock

Reset forgotten passwords and unlock accounts without helpdesk assistance. Verify visa alternate factors such as security questions, Email OTPs, SMS OTPs and Soft Tokens.