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9 Risks that 5G Brings to Internet of Things
14 October 2021
Digital transformations and innovations are the reason for the long strides in technology today. From handing out mails in an envelope to sending it over a sever within a brief second is the length of this stride. Technology is now being pushed further to cater to the growing need for speed. We are a generation who wants the fastest cars, fastest internet, fastest everything. We are always on the lookout for the next-big-thing thing to happen and flood the...
Compact Identity Helps Your Bank Meet RBI’s Latest Security Guidelines
11 October 2021
How CI Helps Cooperative Banks Meet RBI’s Latest Security Guidelines After discovering that Indian urban cooperative banks (UCBs) have been failing to maintain an acceptable degree of security within their IT infrastructure, RBI has developed new mandates in late 2019 that your cooperative bank must comply with. Many of the mandates can be fulfilled by Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology. RBI has also explicitly mandated that IAM technology...
The ABCs of Authentication
06 October 2021
Without knowing your potential purchase in-depth, you could make critical errors during evaluation. Read more to avoid getting stuck with something you procured on half-knowledge. What is Authentication? Authentication refers to the process of proving an identity over a network. Usually, this is done by providing credentials; an agreed piece of information shared between the user and the system. The most common authentication mechanism involves a username...

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