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What is Privileged Access Management?
07 July 2021
Any organization works like a well-oiled machine when all these different parts of an organization work in tandem with each other. All individuals, servers, applications, and other such elements have a specific role to play. However, some roles consist of elevated capabilities. These are privileged users who have special accesses that are not provided to a standard user. Privileged accounts are users, applications, and other non-human identities that...
“Have I Been Pwned?” – What Can you do Next?
05 July 2021
If you were just a pawn in a game of chess, then you were probably manipulated by your opponents. This might leave you feeling irritated if you’re not a good sport about it. But if you ever end up asking yourself, “Have I been Pwned?”, then there is so much more at stake. What does “have I been Pwned" mean? The website, haveibeenpwned, is a treasure trove dump of breached accounts. Security expert Troy Hunt created this website so that you and I could...
What is Identity Governance and Administration?
09 June 2021
Organizations are comprised of all the roles, responsibilities, and functions carried out by different individuals and it is crucial to maintain coherence between them. Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that ensures all the operations between people and applications are running smoothly, are secure, and are enabled to achieve compliance. Identity Governance and Administration is a vast section...