How Ilantus embedded AI helps improve User Experience

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Companies are making a move towards global access and faster technologies to serve their customers faster, better and more efficiently than the competition. Service to customers is about speed and accuracy and none can be compromised.

Introducing Ilantus IDaaS Next with AI driven Single Sign On portal inspired by a “Smartphone First” approach; as part of our constant endeavor to improve upon our user experience, Ilantus has done one better with the introduction of artificial intelligence in our portal and delivering some industry leading capabilities.

Keeping in mind every users experience is unique in its own way; yet it all has to meet the companies objective of fast and accurate customer service, our SSO portal offers its users the convenience and personalization they deserve and still drives home the organization goal.

Typically, users are tuned to working more on certain apps and less on some. With Ilantus AI, our portal technology can understand this user behavior and move up in the application icons launchpad which are most commonly used and where they are easily accessible instantly when you log in to Ilantus SSO platform saving valuable time for the user.

Our new platform enables the functionality of application search at all levels making far more convenient for any user to reach its target application. With just a few character types, the Ilantus SSO search box is able to pull up and display the application name for the user click and access.

With most of us having access to smartphones, the mobile way of working is the new normal for doing business. Ilantus SSO portal with its “Smartphone First” design philosophy is now able to deliver to its users a seamless “consistent” experience across all access platform from Laptops, Desktop, tablets and Mobiles. Everything from aligning applications icons as per our usage to changing background wallpaper to creating folders, the new normal is now the smartphone and Ilantus is committed in delivering this to our customers.

We at Ilantus are committed to deliver to our customers the User Experience which will completely revolutionize this industry and set new benchmarks for our peers and competition.

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