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About Us

ILANTUS is a proven name in Identity and Access Management. Born during the very inception of IAM, we have more than 17 years of experience and have worked with all generations in the domain. We have served numerous Fortune 500 and SMB customers that use traditional technologies such as IBM®, Oracle®, CA® and RSA®. We have also been building our own solutions since 2012.

We know the field like the back of our hands and we realize that ‘one size does not fit all.’ Requirements vary between customers depending on their size, geography, industry, priorities, etc. Research, along with the experience of thousands of customers, allows us to provide a degree of choice that is unavailable elsewhere.

Whether you only need a single sign-on or password management solution, are an SMB looking for an economical solution that includes lifecycle management and mobile device management, or need a true IDaaS (Identity as a Service) solution that is feature-rich, we offer choice. We provide third-party integration and Managed Services which enrich your solutions even if you are using traditional technologies such as IBM®, CA® or Oracle®. If you want a solution that was tailored rather than forced, ILANTUS is here. We offer round pegs for round holes.

Niche Identity

Niche Identity