Interview with our Partner, Inspira
inspira | Ilantus Products
  • Please give us a brief overview of Inspira:

    Started in 2009, Inspira Enterprise is a leading digital transformation organization which acts as a one-stop solution for all your IT & Enterprise need. Its path-breaking technologies and years of experience make it a market leader in the Cybersecurity consultancy space. Apart from that, Inspira is an expert in Networking & Data Center with dedicated next-gen digital transformation which includes Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics, and Cloud Computing technologies & Managed Services. Inspira’s offerings surround everything from, Cloud Consultancy, implementation, and migration from certified professionals, IT Implementation, Support & Managed Services, Software Upgrade and Updates. Headquartered in Mumbai, Inspira has satellite offices across the country, with business expanded to Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kenya, Ethiopia & the USA.

  • Could you tell us why you chose to partner with Ilantus?

    Ilantus offers the options of Identity Governance, Access Management, and Privileged Access Management, which is a unique OEM that cater to IDAM demands and the product developed in India provides an added advantage where demand is for make-in-India products.

  • What do you think are the pain points of the IAM industry today, and how do you wish to address them?

    There are very few OEMs that provides 360° protection on identities, which makes the integrations and compatibility very complex. To address this, we are considering OEMs which bring Identity Management, Access Management and Privilege Management as an associated offering.

  • How do you see Ilantus solutions in collaboration with Inspira making a difference in the IAM space?

    Inspira offers Enterprise Identity and Governance, Access Management, and Privileged Access Management as an offering for clients, Ilantus collaboration will give strength to our comprehensive offering.

  • What are your biggest strengths that you want to bring to the forefront along with Ilantus?

    Inspira is very strong in BFSI and PSU sectors within India and most of the clients in this sector are asking for make in India OEM, along with Ilantus we can secure most of the clients.

  • What do you think is the rising technology demand in this industry especially?

    The current trend and demand from most of the clients are on Access Management for Multi-Factor Authentication, SSO/Federation, and Consumer Identity.

  • What is your vision or roadmap for 2021 in terms of the Ilantus - Inspira Partnership?

    The roadmap for 2021 is to build a strong presale and professional services team that is ready to pick up on any pre-project discussion with the client and implement a well specified, secure, and stable solution.