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Experience the Compact Identity IAM Suite Free for 30 Days!

Our free trials include all the features you would find in our paid subscription. Compact Identity offers more than just Access Management. Full-fledged, cloud-architected Identity Governance and Administration is also included. Experience automated birth-right provisioning, user lifecycle management, multi-level access request-approval workflows, access recertification campaigns, and more in this free trial. The solution also utilizes state-of-the-art analytics, which enables your business to make intelligent decisions at all times.
We offer two kinds of trials for Compact Identity:

  1. The Configured Trial – Pre-configured with a useable Active Directory and working instances of common business applications (such as Office365 and ServiceNow).
  2. The Standard Trial – A blank canvas for you to configure from scratch.

Both trials come with:

  • Support from our specialists, available online 24h Mon-Fri, to guide you through both the implementation as well as the entire trial.
  • Intelligent instructional overlay that guides you through every step of setup and subsequent use, which makes the solution almost too easy to use – you don’t even need an IT or IAM specialist to get and keep things running smoothly.

Try Compact Identity for free today!

Ilantus was recently named an INNOVATION LEADER by Kuppinger Cole, the most acknowledged IAM-only analyst.

Setup Wizard

The ‘Setup Wizard’ is curated to simplify both implementation of the solution as well as the trial itself with real-time step wise guidance. Embedded within the product, the help can be used multiple times and accurately takes you through effective usage of the solution.

Here is an example of a basic user flow to help you understand the help better.