IAM Solution

A cloud IAM Software with Access Management and full-featured
Identity Governance and Administration.

It’s time you empowered yourself with a cloud-based Identity Management Solution that brings Access Management & full-featured Identity Governance and Administration together.

Time and again analysts insist that customers today need strong AM with lightweight IGA functionality for IAM. Ilantus goes beyond these expectations.

Our offering is one of a kind combination of Access management & Identity Governance and Administration. It is intuitive, agile and built to scale. As a result, implementation time, ease of use, simplicity and end-user experience are all seamless providing rapid time to value—indeed a breakthrough for IAM.

Ilantus “Intelligent IAM” solutions provide advanced Data Mining and Analytics that will provide multidimensional view of identity data that can guide organizations to reduce risk and strengthen IT controls.


Organizations are moving towards the new-age IAM Solutions, when will you?

Our complete IAM solution-Compact Identity.

Get our trial that also provides application environments for true hands-on experience.

arrow  SSO to anything: Thick-client, regular Web applications, SAML, and Custom Apps

arrow Self-service Password Reset capabilities, bundled with password sync

arrow Layering your Authentication– 2-Auth is not enough, with MFA you are always secure

arrow Provision the right way, seamless provisioning, and de-provisioning

arrow  One Source for Identities, choose your Source of Truth

arrow  Answer to all the Access Requests, seamlessly

arrow  Persona-based Dashboard, first of its kind in the industry

arrow  Automated Reports for anything and everything

arrow  All essential applications like SAP, Salesforce, HR, help desk to conduct a meaningful and easy trial.

“Ilantus was chosen in comparison to other single sign-on vendors. We based this on our pre-sales experience and their cost-effective model”

– Helen of Troy

Our IAM service is made for the demand of the market and people. The only one of its kind in the world today which is revolutionizing the IAM space with its unique offering of Access Management with Identity Governance and Administration.