Nested multi-tenancy in IDaaS Next

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With the growing number for SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure and applications, each business unit in the organization is taking their own decision to get the best suitable solution to operate and support their businesses. Be it a Sales, Financial or Marketing department, they choose their own solutions. There is no dependency on IT team for deploying and/or supporting such solutions.

Similarly, the individual businesses that are part of the large business groups such as retail chains with multiple brands or financial service groups with various services are also in the same path to choose the supporting solutions for running their own business.

The challenges faced by IT Support team (a shared group in such enterprises) faces now are:

1. Difficult to define a common set of requirements on shared infrastructure solutions such as Single Sign-on, Password Management, User Provisioning etc. for all their business units/departments

2. Deploying, Managing & Supporting one single solution for such requirements

ILANTUS offers a simple but easy to setup solution for these challenges without any additional cost and effort: “Nested multi-tenant” feature.

With this feature, organization who uses ILANTUS latest Identity as a Service solution, IDaaS Next, can spin-off as many numbers of sub-tenants; each tenant for each business unit or department.

Each of these tenant act as an independent solution though it runs on the same codebase, the individual units can on-board their own users and applications for SSO, Password management and other Identity management operations. They can even brand the solution with their own logos and images. Access controls and other security aspects can be better managed in these nested solutions as each individual tenant can define their own controls in their solution.


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