Nested Multi-Tenancy

Nested Multi-tenancy allows you to create multiple instances of our solution within a single host environment. Exclusive to our products, this feature is used to create independent instances for multiple divisions or departments within an organization, and even multiple organizations within the same group. The chief admin can spin-off any number of independent tenants that can implement their own IAM system. The consolidated information is still be available to this admin.

The diagram below shows a simplified view of ILANTUS Nested Multi-Tenancy:

As visible from above diagram a nested multi-tenant solution allows a tenant (customer) to create multi sub-tenants where in each sub-tenant accesses and uses the solution in an isolated and secure manner.

As we can see the multi-tenancy can now be applied to any layer/level with in a tenant.

A sub-tenant can be any of the below (but not limited to):

  1. Department/Business Unit in a business
  2. Geographically separate Department/Business Unit
  3. Company within a Multi-Company Organization