The latest Access Management solutions provide remarkable single sign-on to web applications. But, what if you need single sign on to thick clients, thin clients or even machines and equipment? Those solutions only work with web applications.

Powered with a patented technology, Ilantus Niche Identity enables single sign-on to machines, equipment and all types of applications – not just web applications.  With Niche Identity, Pharma can single sign-on to HPLC machines, Banks can access legacy applications, Manufacturing can sign onto SAP and Call Centers can eliminate passwords.

And, it’s not just a single sign on solution.  Niche Identity includes an enterprise-class Password Management, a solution that outperforms any other Password Management solution on the market.

Why limit yourself to a single purpose solution?  Niche Identity covers all bases in this multi-purpose solution.

Easy and Intuitive Launchpad

Apps provisioned to the user are ready to be added to the user’s launchpad. Once added, the launchpad is user friendly and easy to use. Users sign in, click on the app icon and launch the app immediately. Based on ‘agent-less’ architecture, single-sign-on is seamless from any desktop or mobile webpage.

SSO to SAML Applications

Many leading cloud-based applications (like Salesforce and Office 365use federated protocols such as SAML and Kerberos for authentication. Niche Identity. can easily SSO to these federated applications from the launchpad.

SSO to Thick-Client Apps

Industries like Pharma, Manufacturing, Call Centers (BPO), Banking and Healthcare rely heavily on thick-client applications (desktop or native) that are specific to their industries for their core operations.  Any SSO solution that is unable to accommodate such critical business apps is an incomplete solution. Niche Identity is a complete SSO with patented technology to enable SSO to thick client apps like SAP, Oracle Suite, and others.

Multi-Domain Support

When an organization has more than one Active Directory server domain, Niche Identity can be configured to accommodate all the domains within the same tenant instance. This allows administrators to configure the features required for different Active Director server domains.

SSO to Non-Federated Applications

Applications that do not use federation protocols typically use some form of credential-based authentication or are integrated with the Active Directory. Niche Identity supports SSO to all such applications from the launchpad.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Niche Identity supports Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). Authenticating users against their Windows credentials, IWA enables users to access the launchpad through their login to a Windows machine.

Enterprise Portal Integration

Internal portals allow employees to access internal business resources. Niche Identity not only allows organizations to use the same portal for single sign-on, it vastly improves the adoption of the intranet portal.

Auto Launch

Niche Identity helps get employees to work on time. The Auto Launch feature enables all applications needed for the user’s job to be launched automatically during the user’s login. In industries such as Call Centers, an employee has no time to wait for an app to launch. Niche Identity enables an employee to perform the job in a timely manner.

Registration-less Self-Service

This feature removes the mandatory user registration feature required to perform password transactions. With Registration-less Self-Service, a user can skip self-registration and reset passwords immediately.

Password Sync & Reverse Sync

Passwords for applications that are not integrated with Active Directory or do not support federation are stored in the password vault. When these passwords are changed, they need to be updated in the vault. This requires users to have to remember multiple passwords and then to remember to enter them in the vault whenever passwords are changed. With Password Sync and Reverse (Password) Sync, when the Active Directory password is changed, it will be synced to all applications which do not authenticate on the Active Directory.

AD Reset from Locked Screen

Experience the speed of powerful password resets from a locked screen. A web-based interface on locked screens (Ctrl+Alt+Del (locked) screens), available even when traveling and away from the office network, it completely removes the need for Helpdesk assistance that can slow you down.

Remote Password Reset

When out of the office, in a hotel, at the airport, at a client site – no matter where users are working, this features enables users to reset passwords from a locked screen without remote Helpdesk assistance.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

MFA securely identifies a user with more than one method. Access to critical applications is protected with MFA. Niche Identity provides out-of-the-box MFA at each application level. It supports Challenge-Response, Email OTP, SMS OTP and Soft-Tokens. Integration with other factors is also quick and easy.

Browser Preference

Different enterprise applications may perform better on different browsers. It can be challenge for users to remember what application is supposed to open in what browser. Niche Identity can configure specific browsers to launch specific apps automatically without the need to remember to change browsers.


Thick-client SSO

ILANTUS holds a patent (Patent# US9985955B2 – ‘System and method for single sign-on for thick-client applications’) for SSO to thick-client apps. The method is as follows:
Client apps are launched on the user’s machine.
Credentials are then provided in apps to login to a remote server.

Registration-less Self-Service

User can proceed to use the services of the tool like resetting their password without the mandatory registration to the tool

Multi-Language Support

Extensive multilingual capabilities for SMS, Email, Web UI and Challenge Questions.

Auto Launch

Niche Identity supports a unique user friendly feature called ‘Auto Launch’. When a user logins in, the Auto Launch feature enables all applications that a user needs to  pop up automatically on the screen eliminating the need to login manually to each app. In industries where users need to work quickly to meet customer needs, this secure solution helps users save time when working  with customers and has a significant effect on customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Reporting

Niche Identity supports a comprehensive reporting options to view common events such as:

  • Number of User Logins
  • Widely Accessed Applications for SSO
  • Password Self-Service Events
  • Helpdesk Password Update Events
Integration with SIEM and ITSM Solutions

Niche Identity is optimized to work with SIEM products such as Arcsight, IBM Qradar, NetIQ Sentinel etc. Niche Identity can also be integrated with centralized ITSM tools like ServiceNow, Remedy etc., for further reporting and monitoring purposes.

DIY Wizard to Onboard Additional Apps

Niche Identity features a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Wizard which allows administrators to onboard applications easily without needing technical expertise.

Engineered for Organizations with Niche Needs

Niche Identity, as the name conveys, is a perfect way to serve the needs of organizations with specific requirements. Niche Identity addresses the business needs of large enterprises.  Even with a high volume of users and transactions, Niche Identity still provides an exceptionally fast response time.


Our solutions are competitively priced and suitable for all types of budgets.


Experience the ROI you get from a ‘One Size Does NOT Fit All’ solution philosophy. When you choose your industry solution, users have the right features for their needs. Adoption is high, feature usage is over 80% and the business gets more than its money’s worth.

  • Supports SSO to Thick Client, Smart Client, Citrix and WPF based applications
  • Enables browser preference for launching specific apps
  • Ensures that your employees need only one password for all their apps with our two way password sync
  • User adhere to extensive security mechanisms
  • Safeguards security of Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Transit.