Anywhere, Anytime Self-Service

Enable self-service password reset and unlock while travelling.

Xpress Password offers an set of technologies called Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR). Using these technologies, users can handle problems with their passwords of Laptop logins, Windows Login and/or other business applications both at the office and mobile, from any device. The self-service password reset process automates issue handling in a number of technically challenging and business-critical scenarios:

Mobile users warned of password expiry


Mobile users are not alerted by Windows when their passwords are about to expire.


Xpress Password sends users e-mails warning of impending password expiry. Users change passwords using a web browser.

Business Impact

Fewer login issues that cause a work interruption. Lower IT call volume and support cost.

Forgotten passwords while travelling


Laptop users occasionally change their passwords prior to leaving the office. They may forget their new password when they are required to use it while not attached to the corporate network. Without a technical solution, the IT help desk cannot handle these users’ issues until they return to the office. This can render laptops useless till they return.


Xpress Password CP/Gina agent software component allows users who forgot their main, cached Windows password and cannot sign into their PC to connect to the Internet over WiFi or by using an air-card. Users sealed out of their PC login screen can also establish a temporary Internet connection using their home Internet connection or a hotel’s Ethernet. Once the user’s laptop is connected to the Internet, he or she steps through a self-service password reset process and the Xpress Password agent synchronizes the locally cached passwords to the same new passwords as was set on the network/AD back at the office.