Users Locked Out of Their PCs

Empower users who forget or get locked out of their primary passwords and can’t sign into their PC to deal with their own dilemma.
Business Challenge

Users who forget their password or mistype it too many times perhaps may be unable to sign into their PCs. This is an expensive IT support issue – frequently representing more than half of password-related help desk calls – and can be technically difficult to solve with self-service, as these users can’t initiate a web browser.

ILANTUS Xpress Password Solution

Xpress Password includes a range of technologies to extend self-service to locked out users:

  • A GINA extension service and Credential Provider can add UI elements to the Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 login screens, which users can use to launch self-service.
  • It will also assist remote users (off-site users) to change their Windows Password and update the Local Cache with a new AD password
  • End-users also can utilize the Xpress Password mobile application to reset their passwords.
  • End-users can contact the service team and, in turn, can reset end-users’ passwords using Xpress Password.

Xpress Password includes a smart set of technologies which facilitate self service password management from the workstation login screen.