Managed User Registration

Automatically invite and remind users to develop their profiles, for example by answering security questions or by furnishing their mobile phone number.

Xpress Password includes built-in infrastructure to automatically and safely handle the user registration process:

  • New and existing users with unfinished profiles are automatically invited to finish their profiles:
    Answer security questions.
    Provide contact information to which a PIN can be sent, such as a mobile phone number or personal e-mail address,.
    Verify soft token that is being generated on the soft token tool
  • Invitations to enroll may perhaps be e-mailed to users.
  • Users may be more forcibly reminded to enroll by having a web browser automatically open to the enrollment page when they log into the network.
  • In order to enroll, users must first authenticate. This is usually done by leveraging an existing, robust authenticator – such as a network/AD password.

User Enrollment Process

User enrollment (registration) in Xpress Password works in the following manner:

  • Xpress Password: distills the user information from enterprise directory and composes user profiles in its data store.
  • Xpress Password: identifies users with incomplete profiles.
  • Xpress Password: through an embedded URL, sends an alert to the unregistered users with an invite to enroll (register)
  • User: receives alert in his/her e-mail and clicks on the link.
  • Xpress Password: authenticates the user, usually using a password to the user’s account on a directory.
  • Xpress Password: permits the user to go through the enrollment/registration process that includes; answering security questions or verify SMS OTP or Soft-token based OTP as per the Self-Service User Verification policy set for that specific user.
  • User: registers with Xpress Password by furnishing necessary answers to some routine questions and by populating some custom question/answer pairs, by keying the SMS OTP received on his/her registered mobile number or the soft token code that is displayed on the soft token application.
  • Xpress Password: validates that the user input meets requirements and registers the user in to the system.