Mobile App for Self-Service

Manage credentials using a browser, from the PC login screen or using a mobile app.

Xpress Password can be accessed through a variety of user interfaces:

  • Password synchronization is initiated from a native password change on a variety of existing systems, including Windows server or Active Directory (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • Xpress Password can invite users to enroll and notify users of events relating to their profiles, by sending e-mails, by opening a web browser from a network login script or by sending Windows popup messages to users who have signed into a domain.
  • Users can manage their passwords and authentication profiles using any web browser (desktop, smart phone, tablet, etc.). The web UI is compatible with reverse web proxies and can be load balanced across multiple, replicated Xpress Password servers.
  • Users who forget their network login password can launch a kiosk-mode web browser from their PC login screen. This can be done using following method:
    • The XPd CP/Gina agent: this is a client installed on Windows PCs, which adds elements to the login screen. This allows users who forgot their password or triggered an intruder lockout to access self-service password reset. A temporary VPN option is available to assist off-site users.