More Robust Security

Make sure of more robust and routinely changing passcodes, 2FA logins to SaaS and safeguards from social engineering.

Xpress Password builds upon the security of authentication processes:

  • Less numerous passcodes (to jot down): Passcode synchronization reduces the burden on users, who can satisfy rules against jotting down passcodes.
  • Robust, homogenous passcode policy: A robust, homogenous set of passcode composition rules and an open-ended passcode history avert the use of easy-to-guess passcodes and make sure that all passcodes are modified routinely.
  • Authenticate users before resetting passcodes: Steady, reliable authentication processes make sure that users are properly identified before accessing either self-service or assisted passcode resets.
  • The end of privileged support accounts: IT support staff can be empowered to reset passcodes and clear lockouts through the Xpress Password portal, without having administrative rights to every system and application.
  • Two-factor authentication: Users of multiple credentials can be mandated ahead of every user interaction, preventing attacks on user accounts by persuading the help desk to reset a victim’s passcode.