Password Expiration

Identify which passwords are about to expire and encourage users to modify them with a friendly web UI.

Xpress Password can remind users to modify their passwords, either using a native password change dialog or via the Xpress Password web portal. Cautions are usually sent to users before their password expires on AD. Such invitations can be sent via e-mail or launched in a web browser when users sign into their PCs. Users can even be compelled to modify passwords by launching a kiosk-mode web browser when the user signs into their computer.

Password modification reminders are usually sent at the start of users’ work day and work week, to discourage users from changing passwords right before leaving work and then forgetting the new password.


To impose password expiration and to get users to prompt web-based password synchronization, Xpress Password is constructed to discover upcoming password expirations on individual systems (e.g., Windows, AD, LDAP, etc.) or based on the last time a user modified his passwords using Xpress Password and to remind users to modify their passwords using the Xpress Password web UI.

Password expiration is usually configured so that users change their passwords with Xpress Password web portal on a smaller expiry interval than the native password expiry on any system. This way, Xpress Password urges users to modify passwords before any other system does and users are never urged to modify expired passwords by other systems or applications.

Early alerts about upcoming password expirations is a feasible alternative to transparent password synchronization, especially in cases where it is not possible to spur synchronization from the main login system that users usually use.

Users can be alerted of upcoming password expiration by e-mail.