Patchy Support Call Volume

Reduce the peak IT support call volume resultant of login problems
Business Challenge

Users frequently forget their passwords after weekends and holidays. This is particularly true when users change their passwords just before departing from work and don’t use the fresh password for a few days.

Peak call volume for password-related problems can be 3x to 4x above normal call volume, which is already focused in the first one or two hours of the work day.

Peak call volume means that IT support businesses need many more staff, who perhaps may not be busy during normal hours.

ILANTUS Xpress Password Solution
  • Xpress Password eradicates total problem incidence through password synchronization, which slashes the number of passwords that users have to remember.
  • Xpress Password permits users to reset their own forgotten passwords and solve their own password lockouts, without contacting the help desk.
  • Xpress Password can be configured to spur users to change passwords at favorable times – eradicating end-of-day and end-of-week reminders. This also slashes problem frequency.
  • Xpress Password shortens problem resolution time for the remainder of the call volume.

By slashing problem frequency, empowering self-service and hastening assisted service, Xpress Password considerably slashes password-related call volume and expense, including at during peak hours.