Self-service Password Reset

Empower users who forget or got locked out their passwords to handle their own issue.

Users who have forgotten a password or triggered an intruder lockout can sign into Xpress Password using other types of credentials to reset their password or to clear the lockout. Non-password authentication options include security questions, soft-tokens, One-time Password (OTP) sent to a user’s mobile phone using SMS or email.

Access to self-service is available from a PC web browser, from the Windows login screen, using the mini web browser on a smart phone or using the Xpress Password Mobile app. Users can authenticate the self-service password reset system using any combination of the following mechanisms:

  • By answering security questions.
  • Using third party soft-token apps, such as Google Authenticator.
  • By typing a PIN that was sent to their mobile phone via SMS.
  • By typing a PIN that was sent to their email.