Too Many Passwords

Diminish the number of passwords that users have to recall and handle.
Business Challenge

Users in medium and large businesses have excessive passwords. When they struggle to recall more than 2-3 passwords, they react to this by:

  • Side-stepping password changes.
  • Deciding on easy-to-recall (and easy-to-solve) passwords.
  • Jotting down their passwords.
  • Each of these reactions jeopardizes security or incurs costs.
ILANTUS Xpress Password Solution

Xpress Password allows users in handling their passwords more efficiently by:

  • Synchronizing and integrating passwords, so that users have less to recall.
  • Spurring users to change passwords at sensible times – at the beginning of the workday instead of prior to closing the day, for example.
  • Imposing a robust password policy.Xpress Password helps businesses, enhance security, lower IT support cost and boost user experience. It replaces multiple passwords with one single robust and routinely changing password for every user.