Key Differentiators

Thick-client SSO

ILANTUS holds a patent (Patent# US9985955B2 – ‘System and method for single sign-on for thick-client applications’) for SSO to thick-client apps. The method is as follows:

  • Client apps are launched on the user’s machine.
  • Credentials are then provided in apps to login to a remote server.
Engineered for Organizations with Niche Needs

Niche Identity, as the name conveys, serves the needs of organizations with specific requirements perfectly. Niche Identity address the business need of large enterprise with high user base and volume of transactions still providing exceptionally fast responses

Registration-less Self-Service

User can proceed to use the services of the tool like resetting their password without the mandatory registration to the tool

Multi-Language Support

Extensive multilingual capabilities for SMS, email, web UI and Challenge questions

Remote Password Reset

Empowers roaming users from disconnected office network (hotel/airport) to effectively do Password Self-Service and log into their locked workstations

Password Synchronization

Experience ‘one-password across all apps’ when Niche Identity syncs password changes in real-time with all your apps.

Password Management

Eliminate slow help-desks and costs associated. Experience powerful Password Self-Service Reset through web-based interface, Ctrl+Alt+Del locked screens and even when you are traveling and away from office network

Auto Launch

Niche Identity sports a feature called ‘Auto Launch’ through which all applications pop up on the agent’s screen without any manual login to the apps. This is secure solution that also cuts costs by saving the agents’ time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Niche Identity sports a comprehensive reporting options to view common events such as:

  • Number of user logins
  • Widely accessed applications for SSO (daily/weekly/monthly basis)
  • Password Self-service events
  • Help-desk password update events
Flexible Self-Service Password Reset(SSPR) Policies

Administrators can configure different levels of SSPR policies to different OUs/Groups/Users in the Directory Service. Administrators can also define inclusion or exclusion policies to restrict user access to this solution.

Browser Preference

Choose a designated browser to launch an app after SSO (eliminating performance issues from incompatible apps and browsers).
Patent# – US20160301685A1 – ‘System and method for web single sign-on through a browser extension’

Integration with SIEM and ITSM solution

Niche Identity is optimized to work with SIEM products such as Arcsight, IBM Qradar, NetIQ Sentinel etc. Niche Identity can also be integrated with centralized ITSM tools, like ServiceNow, Remedy etc, for further reporting and monitoring purposes

Enterprise Portal Integration

Niche Identity allows to integrate SSO solution with any existing enterprise portal in the organization. This is achieved by redirecting portal-based access of Enterprise applications to SSO solution using “SSO Bookmark URLs”. Direct access to SAML applications can also be redirected to SSO Solution. Accessing all apps from a central location not only enhances user experience but also makes users adhere to a firmer policy which is encrypted and stored thereby improving access security.

DIY Wizard to onboard additional apps

Niche Identity features a Do It Yourself (DIY) wizard which allows administrators to onboard applications easily without having to understand the technicalities behind the screen.

Step Up Authentication

Secure your business-critical applications with step up authentication using verification mechanisms like Fingerprint, SMS OTP, Email OTP, Soft token and Challenge Response questions. A typical scenario seen in Banking industry and Niche Identity is the only solution that meets the need of this industry.


Our solutions are competitively priced and suitable for tight budgets.