Single Sign-On for Banks

Banks can use more than a thousand apps, They may be web, cloud, thick client or thin-client. Many users will have to deal with 50 to 100 apps. This makes sign on challenging.

Banks typically require multi levels of authorization. Many bankers find it convenient to use a keypad rather than a mouse.

Banks also require multi level of authorization for any change to application access.

Banks typically prefer on premises rather than cloud based installation.

The above peculiarities make it difficult for a regular SSO solution to work in banks.

Niche Identity-banking is a solution that was tailored to cater to SSO for the banking world with implementation in multiple banks.

Niche SSO banking has evolved to cater to large number of banking use cases.

Small and midsize banks often look for an integrated solution for both Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration. Functionality such as “Access Certification” are extremely important. Ilantus’ “Compact Identity” is a proven solution for small and mid size banks that need to implement complete Identity Management Solution in a bank.