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Little Secrets for Better Living

Little secrets for better living

Going by the popular saying, “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it life”, let’s get out of the rut and uncover the little secrets for a spirited, lively and zestful life.

Stay healthy
As cliched as this sounds, health is wealth and there is no denying that. At the very least, 30-minutes of physical activity, a form that best suits you – running, yoga, dancing, sports, or the gym – should be a part of your daily routine. However, exercise alone isn’t enough by itself and you need to eat right to be able to strike a balance. Although, you can always enjoy a little cupcake or a bar of chocolate. After all, it’s all about the balance.

Learn, unlearn and re-learn
Learning from our mistakes, unlearning and creating space to learn something new, and acknowledging that we haven’t learnt well, so we need to re-learn. As taxing as this may seem, the tried and tested paradigm of “learn, unlearn and re-learn”, helps us remarkably shape the way we think and function.

Pursue a hobby
Given how we’ve collectively lost the art of leisure, finding the time to pursue something you love and giving it the necessary time regularly, is absolutely refreshing. There is at least one thing we all enjoy doing – reading, music, painting, and gardening to name a few. While work often is how we put bread on the table, a hobby is the butter that makes the meal soulful.

Enjoy the present
The mind is made to wander vicariously – shunting between the past and the future. If you sit down and observe your thoughts, you are most likely to find yourself either thinking about your past experiences or fantasizing about experiences you hope for the future to hold. One way or the other, we seldom live in the present. On the contrary though, only when you let go of the past and unplug from the future, will you be able to relish living in the moment.

Practice gratitude
Little things like saying ‘Thank You’ can do wonders to our interpersonal relationships. Learn to express gratitude for both, the little things and the significant ones – maybe when your partner makes you a hot cup of coffee or when your manager gives you an exciting new project to work on, or when you achieve the milestones you’d aspired for. When you say, ‘Thank You’, you fill yourself and others with positivity – a wonderful emotion that helps you cherish your life for what it truly is.

With these little secrets for a better life, go ahead and let life embrace you with joy and bliss.

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