About Ilantus

We make Identity and Access Management an exhilarating experience.


  • We change old IAM paradigms through innovation.
  • We continue to work with our customers beyond technology implementation.
  • We do not force fit one product for every customer.
  • Through providing value added services to traditional IAM solutions, we keep in touch with customer realities.
  • We enable you choose the right solution, sometimes even if it is from our competitor
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What they’ve said about us

Helen of Troy

“Ilantus was chosen in comparison to other single sign on vendors. We based this on our pre-sales experience and their cost-effective model”

Jet Airways

“After implementing Ilantus Product, users’ dependence on IT resources for password unlock and resets were eliminated with noticeable improvement in productivity in all departments.”

Gujrat Gas

“Simple, easy to use, since deployment no downtime and no complaints.”


“Implementing the Ilantus Password Management tool allowed the entire it team at Quatrro to focus their time and efforts on other major tasks and critical business initiatives.”