Our Story

We are ILANTUS. We are a remarkable story of passion and commitment.

Our name is a reference to the tree ‘ailanthus’. This tree is known to grow in the harshest of conditions. Little did we know that in time our business would represent the name.

ILANTUS embraced Identity and Access Management as its domain in the year of 2000. This was a time during which the industry was invisible and unattractive. We recognized that it was something that all organizations would need soon.

The dotcom meltdown soon followed which left us in a precarious position with no investors in sight.
This test of fire forged a fine steel in us. Where other companies would have sunk, ILANTUS held its head high, wore its heart on its sleeve and forged on.

Fighting strong and fighting on we became trusted partners of BMC Software (the industry’s first large company to offer an IAM suite), IBM, Oracle and Novell.

We then saw an excellent emerging opportunity in ‘Identity as a Service’ (IDaaS) and transformed ourselves into a product based company.
Today we boast the greatest possible choice in Identity Management.

We work with many customers to engender their IAM strategies and build long term solutions.

Fun and freedom

We put emphasis on having

a creative work environment

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