The Ilantus Product Proposition

Our product proposition has been designed to empower your mid-market customers and in turn, you. Recognized by analysts all over as one of the most lucrative markets, organizations in the mid-market segment average between $500 Million to $3 Billion USD revenues and are looking for easy to deploy, hassle-free solutions that provide an all-in-one IAM Program.

Be the first to enable customers with the world’s first fully integrated all-in-one solution

  • Deliver all of Access Management, Governance and Administration in one compact package and harness the advantage of a single vendor
  • Leverage an online implementation guide that runs the full length of the solution
  • Ensure maximum productivity with ultra-fast implementation timelines
  • Garner stakeholder support with zero to low Integration spends
  • Benefit from Cross Leveraged Data (IAM and IGA data in same solution) 
    – For Analytics
    – For Holistic Risk Management

Give customers the freedom to implement incrementally

  • They can manage immediate needs, as per bandwidth and budget.
  • All modules can work stand-alone without big-bang long-drawn implementations
  • The solution complements existing IT investments
  • Customers can resolve immediate pain-points and regulatory needs on priority

You customers will love the different payment terms on offer

They –

  • Avail the complete product: user/month
  • Pay per use: ex. X$/password reset
  • Pay per module: ex 1$/user/month for SSO
  • Incur no additional charges for MFA and other capabilities

Include features that otherwise require additional vendors and customization

  • Our Risk Engine reduces human resources’ time and costs in –
    – Access reviews
    – Access approvals
    – Customer IAM (CIAM) – including social ID integration
    – PAM – with all standard needs built in

We build application connectors in weeks, not months

  • Avail integration-ready connectors out-of-the-box, and benefit from our ever-growing list

  • Faster connector availability means that your customers will have an effective, operational IAM solution, and get complete benefits from the beginning, instead of waiting for months or years