Password Management- Key Features

Multi Domain

The excessive use of multiple domains for users of different types is on the rise.  ILANTUS IDaaS has the flexibility to support multiple domain environments in a single working atmosphere.

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Multi-Directory Integration

The system integrates with a combination of one or more enterprise directory services or identity stores, such as Active Directory, OpenLDAP, IBM, CA, Novell, Oracle and many more.

Browser Support

Different applications may prefer a specific browser. ILANTUS IDaaS supports all important browsers such as, IE 11, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Mobile App Enabled

When traveling, managers lose no time and can still authorize new application access requests using the mobile application.

Self Service Password Reset

ILANTUS offers one of the most convenient and efficient ways for users to reset passwords. Resets are no longer limited to the office. The mobile app feature enables convenient resets on the go. Adding to the ease of an AD application reset, the system’s automated password sync capability makes non-Ad based application resets easy and efficient.

Remote Password Reset

ILANTUS offers a unique “on the go” reset feature when users are traveling and not in the corporate network.  Reset passwords by connecting to the available Wi-Fi.

Password Sync

The efficient Password Synchronization mechanism eliminates Password Chaos by ensuring all applications connected to AD as well as non-AD applications with their own authentication store are synced to the single password maintained for the entire system.

Helpdesk Support

ILANTUS Xpress Password integrates to all key Helpdesk products like Remedy and ServiceNow. This ensures user notification and controls are available from the central Helpdesk.