Password Reset as a Service
for the first time in the industry on a
Pay-As-You-Go model !

  • Recertify/Review all enterprise access on the fly
  • Revoke unwanted access periodically
  • Reconcile between access you have and access you need
  • Get rid of “Non Compliance” comments from auditors

According to leading analysts, the average cost of a password reset request is $17.80 and nearly 40% of all helpdesk calls are requests for password reset!

ILANTUS’ Password Reset as a Service empowers users with a next-generation password self-service that lets them focus on business and not get hassled with password management.

Pay only for what you use
24*7 Support
99.9% availability guaranteed
No Infrastructure Cost
No Investment
Can be upgraded to Full IDaaS

First 100 Password resets are on us !

Zero investment

Enables organizations facing budget constraints to free up capital for critical investments


Ensures flexibility in handling of all password related incidents even during a surge in password reset requests

Leverage the Cloud

Particularly useful for organizations where infrastructure constraints prevent adopting an on-premise solution