Why Pay 100% when
you only used 1%?

Pay-per-use ensures that wasteful expenditure is avoided as users in an organization do not utilize IAM software uniformly.

  • The security department typically sees > 90% usage, while sales may have less than 20%.
    Commit a minimal amount to cover overheads, then pay for consumption. The model puts pressure on us to see you succeed. You will always experience high ROI, as the cost is always in line with the expenditure.
  • Track your costs by department and take appropriate monitoring actions.
Licensing Infographic | Ilantus Products
Ilantus Pay-Per-Use
Charges �
CAPEX OPEX Pay as you use
Flexibility in Pricing �
Price cannot be changed
after purchases
Possibility of price negotiation at the end of each year Price adjusted automatically to consumption
Ownership �
You own the software You rent the software You rent the software
Usability �
Can be used perpetually for the number of users purchased Can be used for the subscription period on the no. of users subscribed Can be used for a user band (ex: 1000-2000) for the band subscribed
Termination �
Cannot be terminated Can be terminated after the subscription period Can be terminated any time with 15 days notice
Initial Investment �
Very High Lower than Perpetual Minimal
Investment in Hardware �
Required Not Required Not Required
Implementation Support �
High cost
Not available from OEM
High cost
Not available from OEM
Multiple Options
Available from OEM
Support Cost �
High Medium.
Not many options
Multiple options
First Year ROI �
Negligible Moderate As high as later years
Cost Control �
Negligible Low Very High

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