Key Differentiators

Access Review / Recertification

Compact Identity enables you to launch access review campaign easily. It enables you to trigger access review process, completed, automatically delete accesses that are not required and run a final reconciliation.

Orphan Account Management

You can track orphan accounts and take quick action on removing and adjusting them to ensure security compliance.

Thick-client SSO and Provisioning

ILANTUS holds a patent (Patent# US9985955B2 – ‘System and method for single sign-on for thick-client applications’) for SSO to thick-client apps. The method is as follows:

  • Client apps are launched on the user’s machine.
  • Credentials are then provided in apps to login to a remote server.
Nested Multi-Tenancy

Create multiple instances of our IAM system for different divisions or departments (and even for different organizations within a larger group). Each instance can be managed independent of the others.

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

Compact Identity sports a customizable dashboard to view common events such as:

  • Number of user logins
  • Widely accessed applications for SSO as a Pie Chart (daily/weekly/monthly basis)
  • Forgot Password
  • User Adoption Stats
Private and Public App Stores

Our apps store offers OOTB connectors to hundreds of commonly used apps with free application onboarding for 2 years. We also provide private app store for each customer that will show their private application.

User Lifecycle Management

User Lifecycle Management that covers Access Requests with multi-level workflows is included in Compact Identity.

Password Synchronization

Experience ‘one-password across all apps’ when Compact Identity syncs password changes in real-time with all your apps.

Password Management

Eliminate slow help-desks and costs associated. Experience powerful Password Self-Service Reset.

Engineered for Organizations with Simple Needs

Compact Identity serves the needs of organizations with simple IAM requirements perfectly. Its design and success are due to our 18+ years of experience with customers.

Browser Preference

Choose a designated browser to launch an app after SSO (eliminating performance issues from incompatible apps and browsers).
Patent# – US20160301685A1 – ‘System and method for web single sign-on through a browser extension’

Manage Account
Multiple Deployment Models

Choose from On-Premise or Public or Private Cloud

Quick Implementation

Implementation time is a huge cost associated with the purchase of any enterprise solution. Other solutions take over a week to implement. Compact Identity can begin working for you in a single afternoon.

Managed Services

Add just one (or a few) of our experts to your IT team to ease operations or opt for the complete ILANTUS Managed Services experience. We can manage any IAM environment.

Start with Less and Add as You Go

Compact Identity is the perfect ‘My First IAM’ solution. Comprehensive enough that you may not need another solution – ever – it is also the perfect stepping stone to more powerful solutions such as ILANTUS Identity Plus (as the size of your organization and/or complexity of your IAM needs evolves).


Our solutions are competitively priced and suitable for tight budgets.