Single Sign-On

Once signed in, a user will be able to access the SSO launchpad, also called ‘Compact Launchpad’, which seamlessly logs in to all onboarded apps.

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Like Nothing You've Seen Before

Federated SSO

SSO to Federated application if it supports SAML authentication.

Credentials based SSO

Easy integration to an application that does not support any type of federated protocol.

SSO to Thick Client Apps

SSO to thick-client apps such as SAP, Skype, Putty and others.

Without Compact Identity

Sign-on to apps is tedious, slow and time consuming.

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With Compact Identity

SSO and our auto-launch feature make this process lightning-quick and pain-free and improves your organization’s productivity.

Mobile SSO to Web based Applications

Our mobile app supports SSO to both federated as well as non-federated Web-based applications. You can see all onboarded web applications configured for mobile SSO after logging.

SSO and Provisioning that Works with Thick-Client Apps

We are the only IDaaS provider in the world that possess the technology to sign-on to thick-client apps. SAP, Oracle Financial, Skype, mainframe applications etc. can all be integrated with ease.

Other Features

Browser Preference for SSO

Allows users to associate their preferred browser with any SSO application.

The Smartphone Experience

Our friendly smartphone UI improves user adoption

Password Management

Compact Identity offers powerful password management which enables organizations to eliminate the need for a helpdesk and the time costs associated.

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Like Nothing You've Seen Before

Reverse Password Synchronization

Password change on the Active Directory is used to synchronize all the other application passwords for that user.

Password Policy Enforcement

Set passwords based on the pre-defined set of policies.

Password Expiration

Set up an age for your password before the system requires the user to change it.

Self service password change
Self service password Reset

Self-Service Password Change

Change primary passwords to the solution directly from the launchpad or from the mobile app. If authentication is delegated to the Active Directory, a change to the password within the solution changes the Active Directory Password.

Password Synchronization

Password Change on the onboarded Applications can be achieved using this feature thereby allowing users to have one single password across all their target applications.

Password Sync