Philosophy behind Smart Identity

We believe in challenging ourselves to develop products and integration/ managed services that reflect solutions to the requirement of customers. We know from our experience that one-size-fits-all products offer low value. This is why we offer multiple options.

Many customers choose to work with ILANTUS products, some with a mix of ILANTUS and other products while many others settle for non-ILANTUS products with ILANTUS System Integration and Managed Services skills. ILANTUS is happy to work in any of these ways as long as customer is the winner.

Organizations that have simple IAM needs find that our ‘Compact Identity’ solution most useful. It is a full-featured IAM suite with Single Sign-On, Password Management, Lifecycle Management,  Access Governance and more. It is perfect fit for cutomers who would like to begin a comprehensive journey in IAM.

Those in need of powerful IGA can relish in our offering – Identity Plus. It offers public cloud based IGA ( Identity Governance & Admin ) that you can trust for deeper solution elements. Customer often use it to replace conventional IGA products with. It also readily integration with AM I9Access Mgt) solutions. It is also available as a set of services such as “AD Provisioning as a Service”, “Birthright Provisioning as a Service”, “Access Review as a Service”, “Password Reset as a Service”, and more. You can experience powerful IGA as a product or packaged services.

If you need just SSO that can serve complex needs, our Niche Identity is a powerful product that also supports thick-client apps. On the other hand our Password Management offers true enterprise class features that can be matched only by a few in the industry.

If you have already have some IAM solutions serving a useful purpose and you need to strengthen it by adding other solution elements including may be ours too, ILANTUS “Hybrid Identity” is perfect for  you.

We provide round pegs for round holes and not ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.