Product Philosophy

We believe in challenging ourselves to develop products that reflect the requirements of customers. We know from our experience that one-size-fits-all products offer low value. This is why we offer multiple options.

Organizations that have simple IAM needs will find that our ‘Compact Identity’ solution most useful. It is a full-featured IAM suite with Single Sign-On, Password Management, Lifecycle Management, basic Access Governance and more.

Those in need of powerful IGA can relish in our public cloud offering – Identity Plus. It is available as a set of services such as AD Provisioning as a Service, Birthright Provisioning as a Service, Access Review as a Service, Password Reset as a Service, and more. You can experience powerful IGA (managed by ILANTUS) as individual or packaged services.

If you need just SSO, our SSO One is a powerful product that also supports thick-client apps.

Our Hybrid Identity solution migrates your existing IAM environment to the public cloud.

We provide round pegs for round holes and not ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.

An exceptionally
unique experience
tailored to your needs

Niche Identity

Various editions for different industries and patented thick-client Single Sign-On and Provisioning are the hallmarks of this offering.

Identity Plus

Next gen and powerful  multi-facted IAM in the Public Cloud.

Compact Identity

Mirror the power of large enterprises with this compressed, all-in-one and pocket friendly IAM solution for SMBs.

Hybrid Identity

Outsource the management of your IAM environment, enhance your IBM CA Oracle or RSA solution with modern IDaaS elements and/or migrate your environment to the Public Cloud.