Compact Identity

Compact Identity (CI) is a disruptive technology led holistic solution to Identity and Access Management (IAM) that is simple to implement and use. CI is the first product in the industry that was architected to deliver not only Access Management but also IGA, PAM, business to consumer functions, end point to mobile management, personalized dashboards, high powered analytics and business intelligence.

Built by experts who’ve understood IAM since its inception (for over18 years now), CI is fast becoming the platform of choice for organizations who are looking for an IAM platform that serves all their needs – both in the present as well as in the future. And since CI is being developed on an agile methodology, it offers new features with each sprint delivered, thereby adding to its comprehensive package.

Why Compact Identity?


Exceptional user experience combined with simplified yet intuitive Analytics that both delight and guide users


Deep and wide integration capabilities with other security technologies to enrich the security posture of the organization through a common Identity source fueling all Identity and Access needs for the enterprise.


Also available as a wide range of pre-configured services that is a license-free model, with expenditure largely based on consumption.


Agile in accommodating changing priorities and built for a true, enterprise-class experience

Single sign on

SSO to any Application (including Thick client applications)

Web, federated, non-federated, thick-client, legacy and custom-built applications: Experience Single Sign-On to all of them. We hold a Patent for Thick-Client Single Sign-On. (Patent # US9985955B2)

Shared Login Applications

Allow users who share their desktops to login without keying in any password

Browser Preference for SSO

Set an application to automatically open in a browser on which it is optimized

Mobile SSO to Web-Based Applications

Enable SSO to federated and non-federated Web-based applications on-the-go

Password Management

Self-Service Password Reset / Account Unlock

Automate a secure process that lets users reset password or unlock account on their own, thereby reducing dependency on the IT Helpdesk

Password Synchronization

Experience automatic password update to all onboarded applications when a password is changed or reset from Compact Identity

Reverse Password Synchronization

Automatic password sync to all onboarded applications when a password is changed directly from the Active Directory

Lifecycle Management

Provisioning – User Onboarding and Offboarding

Birth right Provisioning:

Automatically create user accounts with entitlements in target applications. Access to birth right applications when a user is onboarded, enables Day One Access

Entitlements Provisioning:

Manage fine-grained access entitlements (also referred to as ‘authorizations’, ‘privileges’, ‘access rights’, ‘permissions’ and/or ‘rules’)

Rule-based Role Assignments

Create rule-based on different user attributes and scenarios. Users will be automatically assigned to specific roles when added to the system or when any of the existing users’ attributes are changed

Promotions and Transfers

Manage user access across business apps and entitlements based on promotions and transfers. Includes granting new accesses and revoking old accesses, when required.

Suspension and Restoration

Automatically suspend, disable or delete user accounts in Active Directory and target applications based on pre-defined business rules


Enforce Statutory and Regulatory compliance. Automatically disable accesses across all business applications when a user is off boarded

Access Request

Access Request to Accounts and Entitlements

Let users request for additional access to any onboarded app, role or entitlements within an app or termination from any app. User can also view the status of his request.

Multi-Level Approval Workflows

Easily configure workflows for end-users to automate account provisioning and SSO access

Access Governance

Access Certification

Automate user access reviews to various target systems. Business Managers are periodically invited to review and ensure that users have access only to the required systems while the rest are revoked

Orphan Account Management

Accounts that do not have a valid owner are associated with high security risks and should ideally not exist. With Compact Identity, you can detect orphan accounts across business applications. Administrators can delete such accounts and free licenses or assign it to an active user.

Consolidated Access View

Know ‘Who has Access to What’. View user list with access details.

Dashboard and Analytics

Next-gen Dashboard

Compact Identity’s customizable dashboard can be set up to be configured to view events on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis through the launchpad and on our mobile app.

Widget based pre-configured reports

Ensure Statutory and Regulatory Compliance with our built-in reports. The reports are audit ready and can capture events on the launchpad and on the mobile app.

Analytics and Visualization

Our ‘Intelligent IAM’, that goes beyond merely automating manual IAM functions, with –

  • Advanced-Data Mining and Analytics that will provide business context to identity and associated data.
  • Analytics and BI that will provide multidimensional view of identity data that can guide organizations to reduce risk and strengthen IT controls.
  • An Intelligent dashboard that provides customization to users based on their persona. This enables different types of users (personas) such as IT Security, IT Admin, Application owner etc., to customize and manage their Business objectives better.

Ilantus Mobile and Endpoint Management

i. Send OAuth and Open ID Connect token to mobile applications
ii. Connect to mobile apps that do not support OAuth/Open ID Connect

  • Be authorised to any user, thereby controlling corporate data on registered devices.
  • Connect to other devices through patented thick client technology.

API Management and Integration

Compact Identity acts an Authorization Server. This enables the product to generate OAuth 2.0 access token and send it to any Client application.

Client applications seeking access token can be registered within Compact Identity as an OAuth application post which the product will generate a Client ID for the application. Client application needs to pass the Client ID in every request requiring access token:

Grant types supported:

Compact Identity supports two grant types OOTB:

Authorization code grant type
Implicit grant type