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Realize – Every day is not the same:

By August 30, 2018 No Comments

Entrepreneurs are generally full of energy.  They see a day well spent only when worked hard.  They have a natural tendency to feel low on days they did not work hard enough. They however, need to understand two vital things. One: Each day is not the same. It is now proven by Scientists each one of us have our own physical, mental and emotional cycles and patterns. These are days when we are at our physical peak, there are others when we are more blessed with mental abilities. So do not expect yourself to peak out every day.  If you did not have 12 hours spent in the office, it does not mean you were not efficient. Instead on days you find yourself not ticking with certain kind of work, switch to something else where you would find yourself more at home. Two: It is okay some days to peak out on nothing. It is perfectly okay to do “nothing” on days. These are days of “self-contemplation”, “beingness”. In fact they may just be for relaxation. Entrepreneurs do not realize that on days doing nothing can be the most important thing you need to do! I have seen with myself there are days I want to do everything in the world,  there are others I trough out, feel like doing nothing; in fact many even be feeling low, down and out, I now accept that as a natural phase of being human, rather than resisting it & pushing myself unnecessarily. “Acceptance causes disappearance”, “Resistance causes Persistence”,  I have learnt the hard way.