Ilantus And Deloitte Join Hands to create awareness about Smart Identity

Deloitte Partnership

Ilantus and Deloitte kickstarted their roadshow series at Delhi on the 10th of October with the theme – ‘Smart Identity breaking the ROI barriers’. This collaboration reflects our shared objective of enabling organizations to build sustainable business value by empowering them with security.

This initiative featured two keynote speakers, Binod Singh, CEO, Ilantus, and Gautham Kapoor, Asia Pacific digital Identity Capability Leader, Deloitte. They provided their insights about the industry, the problems that exist in it today, our collaborative solution, and what the future holds for IAM.

C-level executives of several companies were the major audience for this session. Ilantus presentation on its breakthrough Identity Management technology was extremely well received.

Gautam Kapoor, in his address, explained the ROI of Identity Management for the business as well as the technical aspect along with the trends in the industry today. He made a remarkable business case to convince the stakeholders of the company to acquire the Identity Management solution. Understanding the IT landscape, he said, “Identity is the fundamental layer in any IT or cyber setup,” and thus, managing identity is of utmost importance.

After the foundation of IAM importance laid out by Gautam Kapoor, Binod Singh provided his insights into how Ilantus’ Compact Identity goes beyond the usual industry norms. He made a case for how it is truly a product made for the customers of every industry segment and size.

The session aimed to throw light on the importance of Identity Management and its necessity in the corporate ecosystem in today’s time.

In coherence with this importance, ‘Compact Identity’ enables organizations to cater to this necessity. It upholds the value of smart identity by being one kind of product in the market today.

‘Compact Identity’ challenges the way industry has been functioning until now. It poses questions such as why can’t IAM be substantially cheaper when it is a big necessity, and why can’t all its elements be available in one product. It also challenges the poor ROI that comes with traditional IAM solutions like the hassles of implementation. ‘Compact Identity’ can be implemented under three months, even by a non-technical person.
‘Compact Identity’ answers all these questions and more. It is an innovative product which unifies Access Management along with Identity Governance and Administration. It is thoroughly economical, simple, and yet intuitive.

Today, the organizations experience several issues such as lack of access control and knowledge of who has access to what. They lack a streamlined approach to managing the access of leavers and joiners along with a severe ineptness in the way they manage data. This further causes several governance and compliance issues. All of these make organizations vulnerable to cybercrime when solutions to them are so readily available.

With the market reach of Deloitte and the product depth of Ilantus, we are confident this partnership is going to reach customers far and wide. Together we aim to address their pain points and revolutionize the industry with the smart identity they deserve.