Ilantus in the news

1. KuppingerCole recognizes Ilantus as an Innovation Leader
KuppingerCole Analysts is an independent and international analyst specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM) among other security domains. In their Leadership Compass for IDaaS Access Management 2019, they have positioned Ilantus as an innovation leader.

Commenting on this recognition, Binod Singh, CEO of Ilantus says, “Compact Identity is a comprehensive and competitive solution. It already has futuristic features such as risk engine framework, deep analytics, readily available besides being the first solution to unify fullstack IAM (AM and IGA together). Compact Identity’ is a breakthrough that brings IAM within reach of everyone. In a world riddled with security breaches, IAM is a must. This product is an outcome of passion and unrelenting hard work of Ilantus’ people who want to make a difference to the domain.”

2. Ilantus receives an honorable mention in the Magic Quadrant for IAM 2019
Ilantus receives an honorable mention in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration 2019. Understanding the varied inclusion criteria of Magic Quadrant, Gartner recognizes Ilantus as a primary contender in providing innovative solutions fulfilling significant parts of the inclusion criteria if not all.

Pramod Bhaskar, CTO of Ilantus says, “We live in an IT world, where good technologies are obsolete while next-generation technologies are not yet so popular. Ilantus decided not to make an entry for inclusion into the magic quadrant this year as, despite hundreds of successful deployments, it did not have the numbers to go past the threshold. Ilantus is confident to ingest itself into the Magic Quadrant next year.”

3. Ilantus onboards Capgemini as a client for a global project, this quarter.

4. Ilantus and PwC enter a Joint Business Venture, a partnership that is touted to make IAM access and implementations hassle-free for consumers across market segments.