RSA VIA Implementation and Managed Services

  • Obtain provisions where RSA cannot
  • Build connectors on-the-fly
  • OOB connections and management for SAP
  • Revolutionary “fixed-fee” pricing models
  • Integration with IDaaS Single Sign-On and Password Manager


7+ Years

Global partnership
with projects spanning three continents

100+ Implementations

Only IBM partner with customers
using ILANTUS Governance solution

150+ Experts

We have 60+ certified professionals with implementation and upgrade experience

​Managed Services

Only partner with complete understanding of the IBM product upgrade journey

Unique Offerings

  • Fixed-fees
  • The fastest and safest way to implement
  • Time-and-Material (T&M) based fees which assist clients with the best in-breed resourcing
  • We possess a unique way to build application connectors quickly and which leaves them requiring the least modifications in the future
  • Integration of IDaaS technology with common IAM Solutions

Key Recognition

  • We have successfully supported customers for more than 6 years using RSA VIA L&G as a service On-Cloud
  • Ilantus has propelled Ameriprise to national recognition through its RSA implementations


RSA Via Governance

We have automated the certification, monitoring, remediation and reporting and of entitlements to ensure Appropriate Access

RSA through Lifecycle Management

We deliver a streamlined request, approval and fulfillment process with embedded policy controls.

RSA “Business Role” Manager

Simplify Access Management activities by easily discovering and defining technical and business roles.

RSA Data Access Governance

Gain visibility, “control of ownership” and entitlements across thousands of servers and Microsoft SharePoint sites.

Our Happy Clients