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The only converged SaaS delivered solution for identity management

With over 20 years of focused IAM experience and deep domain knowledge, Ilantus is a leader in Identity and Access Management solutions and delivery. Their flagship product, ‘Compact Identity’ is built on a single platform converging the IAM essentials. According to Gartner, Converged IAM is the future and will be the technology of choice. Implementing globally, Ilantus addresses IAM challenges with seamless identity-centric cyber security solutions that simplify the IAM experience for users and administrators.

Compact Identity: Converges Access Management (SSO, Password Management, Multi-factor Authentication) and IGA on a single modular platform.

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Leaders in converged IAM

Ilantus products help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture with security focused Access Management (SSO, Multi-factor Authentication, Password Management) IGA.

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