IAM for Banks

The banking industry is unique in its Identity and Access Management requirements. Of note is the necessity to ignore the trend of moving critical data to the public cloud because financial data is so sensitive and precious it must be stored locally. As such, a bank’s IT environment depends heavily on thick-client, legacy, and homegrown apps. The IAM industry has yet to offer solutions that integrate seamlessly with such apps.


Ilantus SSO for banking shirks this trend. Our patented thick-client Single Sign-on process, with legacy and homegrown app support, enables your bank to include all apps in its IAM environment and store data locally instead of on the cloud.


Additionally, banks require stringent security with multi-tiered approval processes as well as robust multi-factor authentication. Most SSO solutions do not possess the complexity to deal with the high level of security that banks aspire to. Ilantus SSO for Banks is an exception. Having dealt with banking IAM environments for two decades, Ilantus’ SSO for Banking is engineered to offer exactly what your business needs.