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You care about your students. We care about protecting you. You want nothing more than to enable them to be productive so that they can give their best and get the most from your university. We want this too.

Ilantus embodies honesty and integrity and serves to protect all kinds of organizations from cybercrime. Technologically, we realize that our solutions are also ideally poised to do more than just this – they can improve productivity through unified access and automated password resets.

Ilantus has existed in the domain of Identity and Access Management (a subset of cybersecurity) since the birth of the domain. Data and privacy need protecting, but the industry is rife with ‘players’ who do just that – play the game and play you – they are here just to make a steep profit.
We, instead, are here to make sure that what’s yours remains yours, and that unsuspecting students don’t get the bad end of the stick. We do not price competitively – we price in a manner that enables any institution and with any kind of budget to secure itself and be safe.


Ilantus offers 3 different Identity and Access Management for the different needs of different kinds and sizes of institutions. Each solution has a different makeup and depth in one or more of the following areas: Single Sign-On, Password Management, User Lifecycle Management and Access Governance. The different modules possible in our solutions are presented on this page.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Improve security by forcing students and/or faculty and staff to choose a single, strong password. Eliminate the possibility of account breaches from jotted down passwords for different apps and portals and improve productivity and engagement by cutting down the time required and complexity of signing in separately to multiple applications.

Automated Self Service Password Reset

Educational institutions can have massive traffic through their portals and through the different apps used by students, faculty and staff. Helpdesks simply can’t deal with password resets effectively and economically – it takes too long and costs too much. Our self-service-password reset modules reduces your helpdesk costs astronomically and improve productivity exponentially by cutting down on lock-out times.

Automated User Provisioning/De-Provisioning

Your students and/or faculty frequently move around in their roles and requirements within your IT systems. Students change courses or move on to the next year and then need access to a different set of applications. Your faculty sometimes change around the courses that they teach. Both situations are handled seamlessly by our real-time and automated provisioning and de-provisioning system. And when a student or faculty member leaves the institution, their accesses can be terminated automatically.

IT Productivity

Your entire IT infrastructure can be bolstered to increase your IT department’s productivity. Our Identity Store draws data from different directories and sources of truth to provide a singular database. People can be onboarded into the Identity Store directly as well – without existing in one of your directories beforehand.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect data sensitive apps such as grading tools or HR for Faculty/Staff with our multi-factor authentication. Factors such as SMS and Email OTP, Soft Tokens, Challenge Response Questions and Fingerprint Biometrics add additional layers of protection to whichever apps you deem to require it.

Applicant/Parent Self-Registration

Automatically register applicants/parents in your directory by sending a customized message and requesting relevant information.

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