Special offer - Single Sign-On
for 250 users

ILANTUS Single Sign-On is a breakthrough technology, accepted by more than two thousand customers worldwide. The product has three global patents for most innovative features & functions.

These and many other facts cannot be experienced unless you see it working in your environment. Towards this ILANTUS has decided to provide an exclusive offer to select organizations for a limited period.

Through this offer, you will be able to have perpetual licenses of ILANTUS Single Sign-On Solution for 250 users for free. Furthermore, you will be able to get the solution implemented with five applications at a nominal cost.

Option A:
  • No. of users: 250 (Perpectual license with 2 year support)
  • 5 AD integrated web applications
  • Implementation Fee
    Rs. 1,00,000

Option B:

  • No. of users: 250
  • 4 web applications (Federated/Non-Federated/AD integrated)
  • 1 Thick client applications**
  • Implementation Fee
    Rs. 1,50,000

**Thick client applications are applications that are installed on your local machine like Lync, SAP, VPN, etc. ILANTUS is the only company in the industry that provides Single Sign-On to thick client applications

If you are interested in this offer, you can shoot me a quick email or call us to setup a time for more details and clarifications.