Spirituality, An Agenda?

So…you searched on Google for an identity management solution and found us.
And then you found this…
Either your interest was piqued – “What a worthy and unique thing this company is engaged in”, or this page has sent up red flags for you. And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it? Spirituality today has become somewhat of a game – feeding the masses and reaping (large) financial benefits in return.
Perhaps the last thing you expect or want from a company you want to do business with is engage in spiritual conversation. Religion can be such a touchy subject, and the business place is hardly the space in which to engage in conversation about it…
Wrong. We speak of no religion here. We promote no organization and ask for no donation.
Then what is the purpose of this tab on this website?
Awareness and betterment on a micro and macro level.
On the micro level, this is a call to our humanness and desire for self-betterment. It is about actualizing joy, bliss, self-empowerment, as well as strength and fortitude. We feel that if we have any public presence at all, and if we can do so, we must share a message – some message – that helps people around us live more positive lives.
On the macro level, we feel ideally poised as an organization with networks, strong relationships without our own reporting lines, and with a readiness to take some calculated risks, to embark upon a journey that is not just about money but understanding ourselves so we can live better lives and use our money in a way that makes us truly happy. We wish to engage as many people as we can in our journey, and see if human transformation cant exact a change in a corporate organization’s performance – as well as whether our corporate identity cannot engender human transformation.