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Think 360 Degree: User Experience Optimized

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To stay at the forefront of your field, it’s fundamental to stay current – to read about the latest developments in human-centered design; to allow the best of the best to inspire and inject creativity into your own designs; to read, discuss and debate various points, merits, and opinions in the field of UX and UI.

The universe of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design has taken front and center stage: everyone seems to know the buzzwords, and your boss and/or clients want to know what you can do to improve not the hardware but customer experience. The field moves quickly as usability, accessibility, interaction, and visual design continue to advance.

When companies execute Digital/Infrastructure Transformation strategies, a typical goal is to move faster than the competition – Introduce new products faster. Service customers faster. Adapt to market change faster.

*The faster users can access their applications, the faster they execute.

Therefore, one should take a hard look at its user experience when talking about Single Sign-On specifically. It’s something that users access many times a day. It can be a bottleneck or a bullet train, depending on its usability — or lack thereof. In fact, a University of California study found that knowledge workers shift “working spheres” about every ten minutes. Since each of these shifts may involve a different set of apps, it helps to make single sign-on (SSO) as frictionless as possible.

Few of the common mistakes that companies commit when building a customer friendly UI is not treating Flexible Application Access and Access Experience parallelly. One needs to consider that every customer experience is supported by 3 major pillars: Flexible Access (any device), Unified Experience (Similar login experience across devices) and Easy to Adopt (by the customer) example, auto save changes, frequent used apps, mouse overs etc. though keeping in mind all to be achieved with as minimum clicks as possible.

With this in mind, ILANTUS has rebuilt the SSO login experience from the ground up to make accessing apps incredibly fast, convenient and delightful. Now enjoy iPhone like experience with all 3 pillars affecting customer experience on one single platform (ILANTUS SSO) for Androids, iOS, Desktops, Laptops and all other devices one can imagine.

You Gotta See It to Believe It.

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By Sourav Tibrewal
Account Manager
Ilantus Technologies

What is Identity as a Service (IDaaS)?

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Experience the Difference


Identity as a Service (IDaaS) delivers identity management tools on demand via the internet in a simple and efficient way. However, are companies truly delivering tools specifically designed with the benefits of a cloud deployment or are vendors jumping on the cloud bandwagon and delivering “old wine in a new bottle?” One giant IT software provider is repackaging their decade-old solution to replicate the look and feel of the cloud service. Another company is delivering a cookie cutter approach: deliver 50% of the easy stuff while ignoring the more complex aspects of the software that would require a larger effort to deliver with smaller return on their investment. After five long years of development, IDaaS still touches only the tip of the iceberg without fulfilling the real needs.

For instance, Single Sign-On can only reach web/cloud applications; User Life Cycle management techniques cannot map more than 80% of processes and all the non-web complex applications; Governance that is truly yet to begin. To add to all this, the promise of delivering in a manner for users has not been fulfilled at all not to mention the ever increasing price points. This is not true IDaaS. ILANTUS’s latest development, “IDaaS 4U,” promises to offer true IDaaS that will fulfill the “real needs” rather than the hyped ones created by vendors.


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   What is IDaaS Next

IDaaS> is an integrated solution that helps you manage, like never before, Identities within your organization; easily, economically and comprehensively.

Easy: For the first time users will be able to get experience that aligns with smart phones such as iPhone. The experience will be also identical across devices. This will make users continue with their existing experience rather that getting used to a new one.

Comprehensive: There will be few exclusion from more comprehensive but traditional IAM solutions. One can manage any application including Thick Client. One will be able to provision and deprovision application of any type, while mapping to many of their unique processes. For the first time, one will be able to have Access Governance solution and features that will help solve Audit & Compliance issue quickly.

Economical: The cost of the solution is less than 50% of solutions that are being sold today. This is true both for initial and recurring cost.

Many organizations look for a comprehensive Password Management system as resetting forgotten passwords is not all they want. ILANTUS has a comprehensive “Enterprise Password Management System” that has features only comparable to just a handful of products in the Industry.
“IDAAS 4U” is a journey, ILANTUS will deliver features and functions that will provide users with serious features while keeping the delivery quick and simple.

Phased approach to implementing Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

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Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) implementations have many pitfalls.

ILANTUS known for its successful implementations. Gartner says in its 2016 IDaaS Magic Quadrant “ILANTUS Customer References gave the vendor high marks for implementation, support & rapid deployments AGAIN this year”.

In this article ILANTUS CTO & CEO shares one of the secret sauces of success on phased approach to most successful implementations.

Tired of using multiple user ids & passwords?

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  • User ID and password combination is still the most common way through which users gain access to an application. Average number of applications that a user has access to is increasing with the proliferating applications on-premise and on the cloud. Hence the number of passwords that a user has to remember is proportionally increasing.
  • Complex password policies and password history requirements lead to more number of incidents for ‘Forgotten Passwords’.
  • Due to stringent IT Security compliance & audit requirements, each user should have their own account to access each application.
  • More and more organizations are embracing adoption of BYOD. Hence organizations need to ensure users have access to applications through all these devices.
  • With globalization, remote workforce is proliferating. Ensuring access to applications for these remote workforces is a top priority for the organizations.
  • Adoption of Mac workstations is proliferating. Lot of organizations has a mix of Windows and Mac workstations.
  • These challenges lead user to use multiple user ids and passwords with more complex password policies. It reduces the user conveniences and of course, their productivity. On the other hand, increases the help-desk calls/tickets as the users often forgot their passwords or locked out their applications accounts.
    According to Gartner, one of the main global IAM Market Research organization:
  • Approximately 30% of total call load for multipurpose help desks are password-related. Volumes are higher for limited-function call centers.
  • Hard costs for help-desk-related calls range from $3 to $18 (For North America organizations) per call. The lower end of the range pertains to call centers that provide predominantly administrative support; the higher end of the range pertains to help desks that have more highly compensated technical staff that perform multiple support functions in addition to password-related calls.
  • Also, the use multiple user ids & password may lead to security threats, as users will find short-cut ways to remember these passwords such as sticking those passwords on their workstations/laptops, use “easily guessed” password or commonly used passwords such as “P@ss1234”, “Abcd1234” etc.
    By using a Single Sign On solution or a Password Management tools, these challenges can be easily addressed.

Do you have SAP & Okta SSO?

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Do you have SAP & Okta SSO?

If you have this combination, it is time to think again.

Okta provides no true SSO solution to the SAP world. SAP is a set of thick client that cannot be served by technologies such as Okta, One login, Centrify. ILANTUS has the only SSO solution (3 patents pending) to the SAP world that also works together with all other corporate applications.

So if you are paying a lot of money for Okta SSO and still not enabling your SAP environment on SSO, think again.


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Do you use IBM’s Web Access Management (WAM) technology (formally referred to as TAM, now referred to as ISAM)? TAM or ISAM provides a very generous set of Web Access Management features to manage access to your web applications.

However, ISAM fails to satisfy customer needs where on boarding new cloud/web applications to the Single Sign on (SSO) framework is needed. It also lacks intuitive user interface & ease in onboarding new applications.

ILANTUS SSO for ISAM is designed to snap fit on ISAM. Within two days, this snap fit can be deployed to provide you with all that ISAM lacks in the SSO domain. Snap Fit with ILANTUS SSO and fill the gap!