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Identity Centric Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Business Holistically

Identity Centric Security and Zero Trust are two critical components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Identity Centric Security focuses on securing the identity of every user and device accessing the network, while Zero Trust assumes that every user and device on the network is a potential threat until proven otherwise. By implementing both of these strategies, businesses can protect themselves from cyber attacks and prevent unauthorized access to their sensitive data and systems. Identity Centric Security and Zero Trust require continuous monitoring, evaluation, and improvement to keep up with evolving threats and changes in the IT environment. Businesses must prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard their reputation and financial stability in today’s digital landscape.


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Leverage Ilantus’ 22+ years of domain knowledge and expertise to structure the best IAM environment for you. Learn more

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Ilantus brings thought leadership in implementation of IAM services with our competent resource pool. Customer Success is key at Ilantus, and our experts ensure timely and seamless implementation. Learn more

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IAM solutions are complex and require a very specific skill set to provide support. Ilantus provides specialized maintenance and extended levels of support while enabling users to access data and applications which enables productive IAM infrastructure. Learn more


Implementing and managing an IAM environment can be complex, difficult, and time-consuming. Ilantus offers tools to accelerate these processes through automation and AI. Learn more

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