UI: The key to happy user experience in SSO solution

By September 27, 2017 No Comments

The primary objective of Single Sign On is to enhance the experience of users. Ironically it is the UI of SSO from the industry that does not align with this basic objective. Users have to get used to a new experience that the SSO vendor relates to. ILANTUS conducted a survey of 5400 users that conducted:

1. None of the SSO products provide a satisfactory user interface.
2. User would ideally like to have the same user experience as smartphones, something they mostly use.
3. User would like the user experience to be common across device: from laptop to mobile phone.
4. Majority of users felt apple is their most admired UI.

Ilantus, after is months of research has launched a brand-new UI on its latest generation IDaaS solution called “IDaaS Next”. This confirms to the wish list of users as discovered in the survey.