User Lifecycle Management Key Features

Access Request and Workflow

The system ensures that the proper process is followed for granting access to any new application. A multilevel workflow based on the authorization process setup will ensure provisioning of requested access is done quickly and in compliance.

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Multi Domain

The excessive use of multiple domains for users of different types is on the rise.  ILANTUS IDaaS has the flexibility to support multiple domain environments in a single working atmosphere.

Multi-Directory Integration

The system integrates with a combination of one or more enterprise directory services or identity stores, such as Active Directory, OpenLDAP, IBM, CA, Novell, Oracle and many more.

Browser Support

Different applications may prefer a specific browser. ILANTUS IDaaS supports all important browsers such as, IE 11, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Birth Right Provisioning

New hires are up and running on day one with Birth Right Provisioning. The system automatically provisions a new user to the necessary applications based on defined role entitlements.

Role Based Provisioning

The system enables users to get access based on their roles in the organization. Roles can be defined or changed quickly to ensure flexible and efficient working.

Approval Workflow

Workflow can be engineered to take care of complex approval processes.