Empower cybersecurity through constant innovation and redefine customer experience by providing for each segment’s unique needs.


Generate awareness and protect as many SMBs as possible with our Compact Identity solution by 2020. Protect as many larger customers as we can with our Niche and Cloud Identity solutions (before technology evolves.)


Develop solutions that define Identity and Access Management and constantly improve customer experience through our solutions and customer service.

Core Values

Acting in a way appropriate for a guardian of the people. Serving and protecting the public from cybercriminals with honesty, integrity and tenacity.

A Light in the Dark

Cybersecurity (IAM included) ought to be an industry that is centered around doing what’s right and not around making profits. It needs guardians who feel passionate about serving the greater good – not businessmen who are after a quick buck. This is not an industry that is based on providing goods and services that people naturally need or want – it is born out of the dark necessity of dealing with cybercriminals.

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