Vision, Mission & Core Values

Ilantus envisions an IAM world that is based on collaboration rather than competition. Ilantus believes any surviving and growing company in IAM has some unique value proposition that are of  unique value to at least some customers. while all the IAM companies work on the principle of competing with each other Ilantus sees unique value in collaboration. Ilantus experience of 18 years in consulting and providing IAM solution for customers puts it in a perfect situation to enable its collaboration philosophy. Many customers choose to work with Ilantus products, some with a mix of Ilantus and other products while many others settle for non-Ilantus products with Ilantus System Integration and Managed Services skills.

Ilantus believes solutions exist only because of customers need. While money making is important to investors and vendors the existence of business is primarily dependent on solving customers problems.

Ilantus is happy to work in any of these ways as long as customer is the winner.

Ilantus also believes that the strength of the solution from a company is based largely on the passion and satisfaction of its employees.


To provide innovative IAM solutions to customers through the integration of its own & third party products by utilizing its breadth and depth of experience in the domain.


To enable customers derive highest benefits from IAM through Innovation, Collaboration and highest levels of customer service.



Provide value to customers through highest levels of Integrity, Innovation, Respect and Care for employees.