Our Values


Ilantus exists to make Identity and Access Management an exhilarating experience.


  • We change old IAM paradigms through innovation.
  • We continue to work with our customers beyond technology implementation.
  • We do not force fit one product for every customer.
  • Through providing value added services to traditional IAM solutions, we keep in touch with customer realities.
  • We enable you choose the right solution, sometimes even if it is from our competitor


  • “Compact Identity” is a breakthrough IAM product. It combines Access Management with Identity Governance and Administration for the first time. It is feature-rich yet easy to install.
  • “Niche Identity” is the one answer for all your Access Management questions. It seamlessly adapts to legacy applications, has a patented SSO to thick client feature and can sign-on to even shop floor machines. The Niche Identity Password Management is amongst the top 3 enterprise solutions in its domain.
  • “Identity Plus” is one of the very few multi-tenanted Identity Governance and Administration solution in the world which can radically transform your IGA functions.
  • If your requirement goes beyond our offerings, we can provide you with solutions from other pioneers in the industry as well, like SailPoint’s “IdentityNow”.