Many IAM implementations offer poor ROI or end up failing.

There are many reasons for this. IAM adoption requires driving force from the leadership team, not just IT or Cybersecurity departments. Another is that it requires the involvement of an inconveniently large number of stakeholders, including IT teams, Infosec departments, application owners, department heads, executives, and even employees.

To learn the different challenges in implementing IAM and how to solve them, sign up for our webinar below. You will hear from the direct experience of our Chairman Binod Singh. Binod has been directly involved with more than 100 IAM projects while overseeing over 500 in his 21-year tenure of heading Ilantus Technologies. He has been on the advisory board of many IAM product companies and has seen customer, vendor, and user points of view.

Key Takeaways:
• 3 key reasons why IAM implementations fail
• How to prevent failure in IAM implementations
• Recommended methodology for implementing IAM

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About the Speaker

Binod Singh
Binod Singh,
Chairman, Ilantus Technologies
Binod has more than 35 years of IT industry experience. He was one of the first entrants into the Identity and Access Management domain and had the opportunity of working with many founders. Driven by the passion of making IAM services delivery classy and affordable, Binod made Ilantus one of the most valuable brands in the IAM services space. Technology Headlines recently named Binod as one of the ‘Top 50 Successful Indian Entrepreneurs in the US’. Binod is an avid reader and advanced yoga practitioner. He spends most of his spare time on serving a variety of social causes.
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